Seasonal & Holiday

Discover a wealth of resources designed to celebrate diversity and heritage while making learning fun and festive! Dive into our Heritage & History Months section to find engaging, age-appropriate resources that honor and explore the rich cultures, histories, and contributions of diverse communities. Whether you’re preparing lessons for Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, or Women’s History Month, this is your one-stop spot for respectful and inclusive materials that will help foster a global perspective in your classroom.

In our Holiday section, you’ll find a variety of festive and educational activities to make each holiday memorable. From Christmas crafts to Halloween math activities, and Earth Day writing exercises, there’s something here to keep the learning alive while celebrating each season. Our posts are designed to bring a splash of holiday cheer into your classroom, making learning during the holiday season engaging, meaningful, and loads of fun.

Explore our Seasonal and Holiday resources to celebrate our global tapestry of cultures and make every holiday special with these exciting and educational activities.